For millions of people throughout Europe, the Red Star Line in Antwerp was the
starting point for a new life in North America. The New World was the
promised land for anyone seeking better prospects abroad. 

From 1873 to 1934, more than two million migrants departed from Antwerp. 
These props belong to a twelve year old girl, who started a long journey to New York, 
on the quest for a better life. 

I designed her favourite chocolate bar and book, a passenger form, a suitcase tag
and a Red Star Line poster with her itinerary. 

September 2021 - Self-initiated Project

Movie props that depict Beatrix Potter’s personal story, inspired and enriched by the
beauty of nature in the Lake District

April 2019 - Self-initiated Project

My collection of graphic ephemera,
wich I acquired in the UK and whilst travelling.
Selected images are displayed bellow. 

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